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What does it mean to be a rebel?

I was thinking about it, I feel that the concept of entrepreneurship is quite similar to the idea of being a Rebel. As a 'rebel,' I am passionate about experimenting and creating solutions to large problems. I am constantly working on improving what I do, constantly learning the newest tech and techniques, and I'm always seeking new ways to improve my skills. For me, to be a 'rebel' is to seek answers and better results. And to make the impossible happen.

Rebels are disrupters — they want to change things, and bring new insights and possibilities. By being a 'rebel' at heart, you can always challenge the status quo within your field of expertise. By tweaking processes and developing better methods of doing things, you can help change the face of your company forever or your performance in daily activities.

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I am a Rebel who likes to create innovative tech-made solutions with faster or less harmful effects in our lives. Let's connect and talk about how you can use my skillset and apply ideas to solutions.

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