Helmee to Helm You

Helmee to Helm You

Let configuration drift in the past and keep the agile pace on your continuous deployment sprints, here is helmee to helm you

Are you struggling to keep the agile pace on your continuous deployment projects because you need to maintain several environments simultaneously, for developers, testers, demos, and production?

I will tell you how to easily and automatically generate all the required artifacts for multi-environment and deploy your applications in a breeze. In the Helmee series of posts, I will share all the steps to get into the solution.

I have implemented this helmee solution based on NodeJS and Nunjucks and I have been able to recreate my environments from scratch in just a blink of an eye, I have avoided error-prone scenarios where the versions in all dependencies don't match, configuration drift is in the past and the best part, this is replicable, my colleagues can do the same, we have standardized the deployments.

I will share the process, and the solution, here, in "La Rebelion" for you to replicate, are you interested!? Let me know with your comments, or even better, register to our newsletter and get the latest and greatest on this journey.